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12600 Deerfield Parkway, Suite 100
Alpharetta Georgia 30004
Phone: 678-762-3295
Fax: 678-762-3296
Stock Symbol: MOLY
Don Boyd is President of Small Town Radio, Inc. STRI (OTCBB: MOLY). He has over 13 years experience in the broadcasting industry. Boyd began his career in broadcast advertising sales and quickly rose to the top including major market management positions, with Hearst Broadcasting in Baltimore, Dickey Brothers Broadcasting (Cumulus Media) in Nashville and as a Regional General Manager of seven radio stations across three states while with Root Communications. A highlight of his career was the purchase of his own radio station in the Gainesville-Ocala, FL market at age 28. After three years he sold the radio station after a total turnaround that included a dramatic increase in sales and broadcast cashflow.
Boyd has a reputation in the broadcasting industry for a beginning an entrepreneur and business development specialist who thinks out of the box, and always finds a way to make his companies' number one in each market. Boyd is currently the driving force behind Small Town Radio's business strategy which is to secure through acquisition a significant number of radio stations in its target markets, generally smaller, less populated areas near, but not in, mid-sized and larger markets. The Company intends initially to acquire radio stations in rural sections of the Southeastern United States, ultimately building a geographically contiguous coverage area for both its broadcast signals and advertising sales force. The Company believes that a network of stations in contiguous broadcast areas with two or three common programming formats will provide an advertising and listener base of significant size. The strategy calls for early adoption of the newest digital media protocols, beta-site installation of both AM and FM transmitters capable of the new digital transmission capabilities and development of applications to take advantage of the new wireless data medium.

13900 SW 24th Street Davie, FL 33325
Phone: (954) 916-3874
Fax: (954) 916-3870
Stock Symbol: EPAR OTCBB


Mark Beloyan is the CEO/President of European American Resources, Inc. (EPAR). He has over 15 years experience in the stock market, and owns his own broker dealer. He has worked in the public arena as a stockbroker, investment banker and has done many mergers and acquisitions, participated in many private placements and money raise ups. He is also a member of the NASD Board of Arbitrators. Mark Beloyan graduated from Temple University in Philadelphia PA in May 1986 with a Bachelor of Business Administration with majors in Marketing and Management. EPAR is a junior mining company, in the development and exploration stage with its main mining assets located in Eureka, Central Nevada. EPAR was established in 1987 as a Junior Mining Company and its claims can be traced all the way back to 1864. EPAR principal asset is the Prospect Mountain property in Eureka. This area rests very close to Homestake's Mining Company (HM - NYSE) Ruby Hill Mine. EPAR and Homestake entered into a joint venture agreement on February 18, 2000.


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