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65 La Grande Avenue
Berkeley Heights New Jersey 07922
Phone: 888-766-6909
Fax: 908-508-0718
Stock Symbol: IMTT
James M. Farinella is President/CEO of Solutions Technology, Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of International Mercantile Corp. (OTCBB: IMTT). As president of Integrated Capital Corporation, a full-service consulting firm, James has successfully assisted many companies in the transition from the startup phase to the growth stage. Through the 1990’s, James has helped companies in such industries as computer consulting, oil and gas, Internet, consumer electronics, direct response marketing and high tech. Mr. Farinella has devoted the last 2 years of his life to the creation and development of Solutions Technology, Inc. Mr. Farinella has a reputation for developing top-notch management teams and assembling some of the more impressive board of directors and advisory boards known to early stage companies. He is charged with leading IMTT though the capital markets and expanding the company’s awareness among the investment community. He will continue, deep into the future, to develop and expand the already impressive management team of IMTT.
Solutions Technology has developed the SecureTime Biometric Time and Attendance system. The SecureTime system can be used to improve security at Airports, Government offices, Medical Laboratories, Chemical Laboratories, R & D Offices and Highly sensitive work areas. The SecureTime System also can be integrated with other surveillance devices and systems. Another variation of the product is the SecureTime Biometric ID Payroll System, a self-contained computerized Time Clock with all the software included. The system uses the Fingerprint to identify employees, calculate their hours and wages and provide various time and attendance reports. To the best of our knowledge, there is no other product that combines all these functions in one unit. The SecureTime System can save a company up to 5% on payroll, per pay period, fraud costs by eliminating “Buddy Punching” by co-workers and unauthorized overtime. Additionally, the system can be deployed in remote locations, connected through LANs and/or modems, though which automatic transfers of data occur eliminating lost and bad data. Mr. Farinella is charged with leading the company through the estimated 10 billion plus market.

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