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What is the primary focus of ExplosiveInvestments.com?

A. To provide our members with explosive investment opportunities in the stock market and the private arena on companies they ordinarily would have never heard of.

Q. How does ExplosiveInvestments.com accomplish this?
A. By providing a forum for investors from around the world in order for them to view public companies and private companies that have posted their profiles on ExplosiveInvestments.com. Most of these companies are relatively unknown which is the driving force that attracts many investors to our site to become members. How else would they have ever learned about these opportunities? (Best kept secrets on Wall Street)

Q. I can understand how investors might not be aware of the private companies, but what about the public companies? After all, they are public.
A. Most of the public companies trade on the Nasdaq Smallcap and OTC Bulletin Board and many of these stocks are thinly traded, under followed and overlooked. Most investors from around the world are not aware of these stocks and would have no way of learning about them without the right promotion. The same would apply to the private companies to a much greater extent.

Q. Does ExplosiveInvestments.com recommend the purchase of any of these stocks or investment in any of these companies?
A. Not necessarily. We present the opportunities. It is up to you, the investor, to seize the opportunities.

Q. Should members call the companies direct?
A. Absolutely. Not only do we encourage this; we highly recommend that each individual investor contact the companies in which they have an interest and to conduct their own Due Diligence prior to making any investment decisions.

Q. Is CEOheadlines.com a Broker Dealer?
A. No. And we may not sell, offer to sell or offer to buy any security. To our members, we act in the capacity of investor relations as far as providing input.

Q. Are the private companies primarily looking to raise capital?
A. Most of the private companies are looking for capital infusions although some are looking to explore other opportunities such as takeovers and mergers and acquisitions.

Q. What about the public companies?
A. Most of the public companies are looking for exposure in the marketplace ultimately giving them the recognition they truly deserve. Others could be looking to raise capital through private placements or secondary offerings.

Q. How do I become a Member?
A. Simply click here.


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